Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ashleigh is a new member to the gym I train the majority of my clients at. A vibrant, active and passionate individual, 
I knew that Ash (she insists! to be called) and I would get along well. After a few introductory sessions, Ash asked 
if could host some sort of training session for her and coworkers at Prostate Cancer UK.
Since (some) females can't take part in Movember, Ash and the team came up with the idea to do a different active 
challenge each day. 
I suggested a boot camp style circuit with my military background, it would be fun, yet rewarding.
A group of hesitant faces joined me in the studio but unfortunately Ash could not take part due to breaking her ankle
rock climbing earlier in the week... Excuses, I've heard them all!
After a bunch of burpees, mammoth mountain climbers and commando crawls the guys worked extremely hard! 
Great effort and energy in the room.
I believe in life you should surround yourself with positive people like Ash. Help others who need support or those not
so fortunate. I've done many charity challenges and will continue to, it gives you a real sense of care and 
If you'd like to donate to Prostate Cancer UK, please use the following donation page

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