Sunday, 15 November 2015


Fitness & Sleep Monitor

Over the past month I have been using the Misfit Shine. This elegant monitor records your activity and sleep. I have always been interested in data recording watches but never made the step to try one out. On first impressions, I saw the Misfit Shine on a friend’s wrist and initially thought it was some sort of quirky bracelet. After quizzing about the Shine, I met one of the Misfit team to get more of an insight about the device and lucky enough to get my hands on one.
 Personally, I want to monitor my daily activity levels to ensure I’m burning enough calories against my daily calorie intake and improve my sleep time.

The misfit comes in three main parts.

  • ·         The Tracker
  • ·         Watch Strap
  • ·         Magnetic Clip
It is very well constructed and you can completely submerge it under water, which is great if you are a swimmer (unlike me).
Majority of the time the Shine is strapped to my wrist since I am on my feet most of the day at work.  I don’t even think about removing it when I got out to socialise because of its super cool subtle design and I can continue to monitor my activity. “Every step counts!”

I switch from the watch strap to the magnetic clip when instructing my spin class and attach to my trainer. The magnetic clip is very strong and I don’t have to worry about it coming off. Reviewing the class gives me an idea of the intensity and calories burned which helps my clients get an idea of the levels of activity needed to achieve their own goals.

The app is free to download and very easy to use. You set your own personal goals and at the simple touch of a double tap on the tracker it will light up and show how active you have been and then highlight the time. This feature helps encourage me to keep active to hit my goal. Once you have reached that daily goal and you hit with that double tap, the tracker goes into a brief disco carousel and you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Job Done! 

Other cool features in the app. I can link with my friends and we can monitor each other’s activity but more importantly if clients were to be wearing the tracker, it gives me an idea of their daily activity and I can provide a more tailored approach to their fitness and nutrition. It also allows you to link to other Fitness Apps, I have linked to MyFitnessPal app which I use to monitor my daily calories. These linked together it will automatically record my activity from the Shine into MyFitnessPal. This helps me to ensure I have the correct calorie intake against calories burned.

The sleep function is set up on the app before you crash out. On waking up you will be able to see how long and the quality night sleep you had. Since using this function it has highlighted that I really do need to stop being glued to the phone/tv and just hit the pillow.

Some negative points I found whilst using the Shine. I couldn’t fully trust the watch strap housing when I was surfing in Morocco. Which is a shame because surfing is a very exhausting activity but also very physical being thrown around by the waves and knocking the Shine on the board, I didn’t want to take the risk. There are other straps available which might be more durable than the standard one given. Same as trying to view your phone in sunlight it is very difficult to see your activity on the Shine when in strong sunlight.

The Shine is priced very reasonable compared to its competitors and I believe a very useful tool to keep you active during the day.

 View all Misfit products via the link below

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  1. Love this watch! It's alot more stylish than normal fitness watches too. Awesome! X


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