Sunday, 20 September 2015

1Rebel & Bjorn Borg

Had the pleasure of attending the Bjorn Borg Sprinter event at 1Rebel this week and meeting Joe Wicks!

I knew Bjorn Borg did funky men's underwear but it was a pleasant surprise when I saw they also now have a Men's Fitness Clothing range. Keeping the quirky style I was really keen to get myself some Meggings ASAP.

This was also my first experience of 1Rebel, which is not a gym but has multiple studios within and are purely high intense class sessions. Rumble (Boxing) Ride (Spinning) Reshape (Treadmill & Bench Circuit) are the classes and it is a "Pay as you Train" scheme.

I really like 1Rebel, it is modern, clean and highly motivating. The changing and shower facilities are probably the best I have ever encountered in the fitness industry.

A resident 1Rebel instructor took us for our Reshape class which was supervised by Joe Wicks to ensure we weren't slacking when the instructor had their back to us.

The classes are very dark and feels personal, you can solely focus on your workout and not be distracted. The music is punchy and motivation from the instructor makes you work hard. The treadmill and free weight set up was very easy to use and saved a lot of time in rest periods.

I really look forward to visiting 1Rebel soon and getting my hands on some more Bjorn Borg items.

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